tennis court synthetic


tennis court synthetic

(Couleur: Vert)

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Synthetic flooring for tennis court.

We designed our partenires the first official tennis kit. This will allow you to save time especially on the achievement and financial savings on your purchase and installation.

Artificial grass tennis Ace has a density of 23 100 m2 in clusters of bristles and fibers fibrilisé in polyethylene with a density of 8800 dtex. Synthetic turf permettera have a comfortable playing surface and minimum maintenance.

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Ace Vert
Set Ocre

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Product no. Couleur Price
3198-0001 Vert
3198-0002 Terre


Product Note Status Price
Glue PU Glue PU
35.90 € *
1 kg = 10.88 €
Ribbon for Artificial grass Ribbon for Artificial grass
1.29 € / m *
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