Slabs under ProPlay cushioning layer.

Slabs under ProPlay cushioning layer.

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34.90 / unit(s)
Price includes VAT, plus delivery
Delivery weight: 8 kg
1 m² = 17.23 €

1 m² = 17.23 €

A slab of cushioning for heavy use!

To achieve your official indoor soccer field, the ProPlay sport is used to satisfy the most demanding. It allows installation standards required by FIFA and the safety of the players. Has many strengths that make ProPlay-NF, the cushioning layer in next generation.

It allows HIC amortized up to 3 meters, this will depend on the thickness of your turf.

Dimension of the slab: 0.90 X 2.25 meters

Weight of the slab cushioning: about 8 kg

Certified FIFA

For further information or a quote, please do not hesitate to contact a counselor at or by mail.

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