Artificial turf Set Tournois

Artificial turf Set Tournois

(Couleur: Vert)

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19.00 / square metre(s)
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Delivery weight: 2 kg

Why choose a synthetic turf.

Currently tennis courts which are made ​​in France and especially in the southern regions, are made ​​artificial turf to increase the duration of games, saves time on maintenance and water usage. All this for a better resistance of the coating, in relation to a natural turf. Allgazon offers artificial grass tennis tournaments to make your inexpensive tennis and use without restriction. For more information or further a study of your sports, do not hesitate to contact us at or by mail

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Selection: Artificial turf Set Tournois

Product no. Couleur Status Price
3102-0001 Vert
19.00 € / m² *
3102-0002 Terre
19.00 € / m² *
Prices include VAT, plus delivery


Product Note Status Price
Peak 5.5-140mm for artificial grass Peak 5.5-140mm for artificial grass
19.50 € / box(es) *
Glue PU Glue PU
35.90 € *
1 kg = 10.88 €
Geotextile maille antigrass130g/m2 Geotextile maille antigrass130g/m2
1.49 € / m² *
Ribbon for Artificial grass Ribbon for Artificial grass
1.29 € / m *
Prices include VAT, plus delivery
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Prices include VAT, plus delivery

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