Multi-function tractor

Multi-function tractor

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The Allgazon Care can perform several functions on the cleaning and maintenance of artificial turf.

The compact machine manages the cleaning and maintenance of a typical field size in a relatively short time. A rotating brush at the back ensures perfect results. The rotating brush is the top layer and allows better filling of the SBR granulate or silica. This brush is also adjustable in depth. During its operation, a vibrating screen separates the dirt from the filling material. The vibrating screen can be precisely adjusted, with variable settings 4 to 10 mm, depending on conditions and as a function of material backfilled.

A suction turbine integrated separates dust granulate or silica. The permanent filter that will provide continuous cleaning effect. The filling material is cleaned is returned to the system. Allgazon Care manages all the above functions in a single operation and thus enables the cleaning and maintenance of artificial turf with a quick and easy way. The accessory mounted to the rear can be raised hydraulically for transport. Two guide rollers allow precise operation along buffets.

The Allgazon Care is equipped with triangular oscillation brushes mounted below the machine as well as a brush mounted on the back that slides and provided a working width of 2,400 mm. During operation, the fibers of the synthetic lawn are brought into vertical position, the filling material is level and due to the action of the turbine integrated fiber dust and / or other pollutants and dust is removed by the suction turbine. Sections of triangular brush can be lifted for easy transport.

The claws are unpacking hydraulically adjustable in depth and that will be unpacking strands of artificial turf clogged. Due to its relatively large width of Allgazon Care is able to perform regular maintenance functions effectively over time.

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