Samples artificial grass

Samples artificial grass

(Echantillons: Green Perfect)

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Enjoy free samples to get an idea.

You have chosen your lawn or turf is simple to order your free sample.

To choose are grass here is the link "how to choose a synthetic turf"

Allgazon offers free samples of artificial turf, you have the involvement of shipping to adjust, which will be refunded to the first order.


Additional product information

Echantillons Green Perfect

Product variations
Green Détente
Echantillons: Green Détente
0.00 *
Green Confort
Echantillons: Green Confort
0.00 *
Green Paradise
Echantillons: Green Paradise
0.00 *
Green Fraicheur
Echantillons: Green Fraicheur
0.00 *
Green satin
Echantillons: Green satin
0.00 *
Green Perfect
Echantillons: Green Perfect
0.00 *
Artificial grass Balcony
Echantillons: Artificial grass Balcony
0.00 *
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Prices include VAT, plus delivery

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